How To Host JavaScript Files on Google Code+Unlimited Bandwidth

Do you want to host your external java script files in unlimited bandwidth?If you host your files in google code you can do it for free .It helps your page load faster than other free webhosting services.

1.First login to your google account and go to Google Code Hosting.

You can see screen look like this.

Create a new project

2.Click on "Create a new project".Next screen will look like this:

Create a new project

3.Fill above form with your information and click on "Create project".Next screen will look like this:

Create a new project

4.Click on "Downloads" tab.Now click on "New download" tab.

Create a new project

6.Fill up the needed information. Browse for your JavaScript(.js) file and attach it. Now click on "Submit file".

host your js files here

7.Now your java script file will upload to google.After that you can see the screen like this:

your hosted js file

8.If you want to get direct link of your java script file,click on file name and select "Copy link address".

copy your js file link as this

9.Now you can use it as external java script file.Look at the example below:

<script src='' type='text/javascript'/>


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