Common symptoms of viruses in computer.

These are the list of common problems in a computer affected with viruses.
  • Occurrence of strange messages, symbols or images appear on your screen.
  • Strange things happen when you are doing routine work.
  • The computer makes strange noises at inappropriate times.
  • Files you know you saved are missing.
  • The operating system acts slow, doesn't come on or just isn't working as normal.
  • Files of executable extension such as .BAT, .EXE, .COM, .HLP, .DLL should never be accepted from others as they have the most potential to cause problems or be infected.
  • All computer users should delete any unsolicited emails. We now know due to recent attacks that the Worms have begun to use Microsoft Outlook's address book, so it will appear as if a friend has sent you an email. If you are not expecting an email or the file name is different from the one you are expecting, delete the email and its attachment.
  • Electronic Mail text messages cannot in themselves contain viruses. The text portion of a message is just text, and if read, does not contain damaging system codes. If, however, you receive an email message with an attachment, be very careful. File attachments, if executed, CAN launch viruses


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