How to remove "New Folder.exe Virus" manually or using software?

New Folder.exe Virus
New Folder.exe virus mostly spread through the USB drive. It cannot be deleted normally. Here are the steps to remove this virus easily
  1. Find out all the locations of the “newfolder.exe” virus.
  2. Open the task manager and end the newfolder.exe process running in background.
  3. Open cmd and then type “dir /a XXX” where XXX is the name of the folder where the virus is.
  4. Then type “cd XXX”.
  5. Delete the file by typing “del name_of_file”.
  6. Then remove the whole folder by typing “rmdir /s XXX”.
  7. The virus has been removed just see the task manager once again and end the newfolder.exe process running in the background (if any).
  8. Restart the system.
There is also a software utility available for this purpose. Click to download
Run this software in safe mode to remove the virus easily.


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