Maintaining your PC

In this discussion, i would like to share with you, the most common maintainance measures which i undertake frequently and which keeps my PC healthy. These are the 10 measures.

First off all we will talk about of the face of your computer, the Monitor.
Making sure that your screen is clean is very important. The screen acts as the face of your of your computer. It is necessary to keep it clean so that it creates an impression of a clean machine. Use a soft cloth to clean the surface of your screen as well as the frame of your monitor. This keeps dust from accumulating on the screen. Make sure that you keep your monitor off when you leave your desk so that it saves power and also avoids heating (in case of CRTs).

If your mouse causes problems in movement then it means that it's time to take some measures for cleanliness. Make sure that you use a proper mouse pad and that it is clean. Open up the mouse from below and remove the roller ball. Then clean the rollers if there is any dust on them. Also make sure that the cables are well placed and tangle-free.

The inside region of your PC case should be dust free and away from humidity to avoid failure of components. Your PC case should be equipped with at least two fans so that cooling is taken care of. Make sure that all the ports are well connected since loose connections are likely to occur after cleaning.


The Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS)handles the input power for your computer, hence it tends to heat up rapidly. The Switch Mode Power Supply fan (that’s mostly at the rear of your cabinet)
keeps it cool at all times to avoid overheating. Make sure that the fan is functioning well so that the unit doesn't get overheated. You can clean the fan using a blower or a vacuum cleaner.

The keyboard is the most used part of the computer and is most vulnerable to negligence in use. Make sure that your hands are clean and that you keep foodstuff and liquids away from the keyboard while using it. Make sure that the cable is well placed and isn't obstructed by anything. Clean the keyboard regularly using a vacuum cleaner or a cleaning brush.

Use an Antivirus program:
Viruses, worms, Trojans and other malicious codes are all around the internet and across digital media all over the world. You have to take special care to avoid attacks of this sort, especially if you are connected to the net. Make sure that you download anti-virus utilities like Norton, AVG free edition McAfee and others. These software have to be updated on a regular basis to keep your system up-to-date with the latest threats. Every time you borrow digital media from someone, make sure that you run a scan on it as soon as you place it in your drive.It is best not to accept anything that comes in from an unknown or unreliable source. Some malicious codes steal your password using keyloggers and other methods that can compromise your privacy. Make sure that you log off from your email account if you are using a shared machine. Back-up your important data frequently to avoid loss of it after of an attack. Do not open mails from unknown sources and avoid downloading attachments from such mails as well. These measures can keep your PC free from most attacks caused by such viruses.

Floppy Drive:
Floppy Drive
Floppy drives attract a lot of dust since they are open and exposed in most machines. The dust entering from this vent can spread across the rest of your system as well. Use alcohol and floppy drive cleaning kits for interior cleaning of the drive. Make sure that you align the fl oppy drive well after cleaning so that it doesn't fail to read disks over a period of time. Do not keep fl oppies in the drive for too long when not in use.

Speakers are vulnerable to dusty surroundings since they have a meshed face. Most speakers can be opened so that the inner part that lies below the mesh can be cleaned. Dusty interiors of a speaker can cause disturbances in the output sound.

Hard Drive:
Hard Drive
Your hard drive has all the data that you have stored in your PC. This data is of utmost significance and needs to be protected. The data is stored in a haphazard fashion in your hard drive; hence it is necessary to defragment your hard drive. Right-click on the "My Computer" and select "Manage". In the window that opens, double-click on "Storage". You will find the "Defragmenter" option there.

All components of your computer are connected to your motherboard. The tiny components of the motherboard are difficult to clean and maintain. Layering of dust can however increase the chances of overheating. Clean the motherboard, RAM cards and other component cards with a dry cloth. Avoid using a vacuum cleaner on the motherboard since the tiny components and wires may cause a problem.


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